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Title / Description Sample Audio / Youtube
Marine Fantasy for Guitar Orchestra  (601]

9min. G.O.

This was commissioned by Matsuzaka Commercial High School in Mie prefecture, Japan. 150 players belong to the guitar club, and they are specialized in playing guitars and singing at the some time. This music has been consisted with chorus of three parts. The lyrics are also written by Hiro. It’ was first performed at Marine Day which is a holiday established in 1996 as Japan’s 14th national holiday and a day for appreciating the benefits of the sea and wishing for the prosperity of Japan.

Sakura Capriccio for Guitar Orchestra  (602)

9min. G.O.

This music is consisted with the variation of Japanese famous folk song “SAKURA(meaning “herry Blossoms”). Using a technique of arrangement, it became a totally new music. The melody line is flexibly changing as the music goes on, sometimes rhythmical, then moves on to intense sound, then tender line, however the intention of the music is not describing the particuler scene or situation. It’s been focused on composition of melody, rhythm and harmony, to make it more dramatic. Some people feel a long history behind the cherry blossoms or some of them image a tree with full blossom, or a flurry of cherry blossom petals. Please visualize your own “Cherry Blossoms” as you like and enjoy playing.

Festival Overture “Spring” for Guitar Orchestra  (603)

7min. G.O.

This was commissioned by Matsuzaka Commercial High School in Mie prefecture, Japan for their 80th anniversary with being based on a Japanese children’s song”Haru Ga Kita(Spring has come)” for 150 players of guitar orchestra. Using a melody line of the song, Hiro forced on to bring in a mood of celebration in the music.

Jongara-Sho for Guitar Orchestra  (604)

7min. G.O.

“Jongara-Sho” for Guitar Orchestra

Sound River for Guitar Orchestra  (605)

7min. G.O.

“Sound River” for Guitar Orchestra

For Guitar Duo  (606)

1Gr & 2Gr

1. Angel Chorus ▶︎
2.Albinoni’s Adagio ▶︎

* Sorry, the Sheet music of “For Guitar Duo” is in preparation, currently.