Hiro Fujikake (birth name: Hiroyuki Fujikake)

Hiro Fujikake is a Japanese composer, conductor, producer and synthesizer player. His activities are not limited to Japan, but also extend worldwide. He is the first Japanese composer to win the 1st prize at the Queen Elisabeth International music competition in Belgium for the symphonic work “The Rope Crest” in 1977.

Hiro won numerous awards for his compositions at the most prestigious national competitions in his early career. His work amounts to more than 8,000 songs including music for the television, radio, film and for special occasions such as exhibitions, like the World Expo. He was engaged in famous long-running TV programs and has recorded and released song collections.

His arrangements of traditional Japanese songs for the album “Four Seasons in Japan” were performed by Heinz Holliger(Oboist) with I Musici in 1985. The album was released in the Netherlands and recognized globally. He also collaborated with the flutist the flutist Sir. James Galway, releasing two CDs. The first CD, “The Enchanted Forest,” ranked in the Billboard Top 10 in the classical crossover section for five months in a row (ultimately reaching the 2nd rank) in the United States in 1990. Hiro played synthesizer on the CD and provided his original music for the album.

Hiro’s first solo album, “Galactic Symphony,” was one of his works in a modern art style, with magnificent orchestral sounds created by the synthesizer, a sound he dubbed “Solo Orchestra.” His compositions are in a wide range of styles and genres, including works for symphony orchestra, brass band, opera, ballet, musical theater, percussion instruments, mandolin orchestra, and traditional Japanese instruments.

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Q.E-Fabiola Art the ceremony



【Academic History】

 Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music  Composition BA, MA


Year Style
The name of competitions
1974 Orchestra
The 2nd prize of the NHK Mainichi Music Competition
1975 Mandoline
“Pastoral Fantasy”
The 2nd prize of The Japan Mandolin Union Composition
(No 1st prize is applicable.)
1975 Brass Band
“Nostalgic Rhapsody”

The 1st  of Sasagawa Competition
1976 Brass Band
The 1st  of Sasagawa Competition
1976 Brass Band

"Overture Concert for Brass Band"
The assigned piece for the All Japan Band Competition 
1977 Symphonic work
“The Rope Crest”
The Grand Prix at the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition in Belgium
1990 Symphonic work

「A Song of Spring」

Japan Symphony Foundation’s Composition Prize

– “Two poems for Chorus” won the price from Ongaku no Tomo, competition of composition
–  Gifu Homeland Cultural Award for musical BUN-NA
–  Gifu art and cultural contribution Awarded
–  The commercial broadcasting union Awarded
–  The excellence CM Awarded  etc.

【Music for TV】
Composed for many TV programs of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Japan’s only public media organization.

Please check the history and works of Hiro Fujikake Solo Orchestra, below.

Profile Solo Orchestra en


– A regular member of JASRAC 
– Vice President of Japan Mandolin Union
– Chairman of the judge in Japan Mandolin Solo Competition

– A member of the Project Committee of the Nippon Music Foundation from 1st April, 1997 to 31st Jannuary, 2021

【CD / Record】

1983 Galactic symphony

The 1st solo album of synthesizer.
Released worldwide  from Pavane Records,Belgium

Galactic Symphony

The 2nd solo album of synthesizer.

Check songs recorded in the CD▶︎
Romance CD image

Four Seasons in Japan : Holliger(Ob)I Musici

Released from Philip, Netherlands


CD The Four Seasons In Japan
1990 The Enchanted Forest
with Sir James Galway
Five months in the Billboard Top 10 fo the Classical crossover section
Rank:2nd ,in May, 1990
*Among Hiro’s original composition,  “The Enchanted Forest”,”Star Children”, “Romantic World” is well received and rewrote for different 
The Enchanted Forest CD
1991 “Homeland journey”
These are from a Japanese long-lived program of “Homeland journey” played by “solo-orchestra”.
 Homeland 1Homeland2
Ocean Lullaby

Relaxation music played by synthesizer.

This is co-production with Kanebo Beauty Lab. According to research by the Lab 90% of people think it is useful to relieve stress. It’s been used in several hospitals for the relaxation purpose.

Ocean Lullaby

The Lark in the Clear Air
with Sir James Galway

The 2nd album of classical masterpiece collection. Hiro arranged the all music for this album.

1999 Goh: A chance meeting 

Orchestra Di Mandolini E Chitarre.

Hiro’s first work collaborated mandolins with Japanese traditional drum.



【Selections of Representative Work】

1977 Symphony Orchestra “The Rope Crest”
1993 Symphony “Japan”
1997 Opera “The Vanished Sun”
1999 Opera “A song of paper-making”
2005 Symphony “IZUMO”


School Song

– Hekinan City Central Elementary School
– Gifu City Gifu Elementary School
– Gero City Maze Elementary School
– Hiroharu High School

【City Song】

– Gifu prefecture Seki city “A song for Seki People”
– Chiba Prefecture Ichihara city “Happy Ichihara”


【Music for the monuments of wind-up dolls by Yuriko Mudo】
You can listen the music from the following places.

Ando Cloisonne (Tokyo Store) “Yukyu-no-Tsubasa(Wings to Eternity)
– Kitanagoya city Kitanagoyashi Bunkakinro Hall “Tenku-no-Spring(Spring in Lotus Land
– Shiga prefecture Toyosato Town “Toyosaka no Sato”(Community center in Toyosato) “Toyosaka-Yukyu”
– Aichi Prefecture Nagoya city, Osu Kannon “Muneharu Ranman”


recording with GalwaySir James and Rolex CEO


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