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Peter and the wolf (361)
Duration: approx. 23min. 

Peter and the wolf image

Arrangement for one of the famous music of Sergei Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf. The original was performed with orchestra and narration, this has been arranged for songs(Soprano / Baritone or Soprano solo) with “Solo Orchestra”for operetta. It is well received by not only children but adults.


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BUN-NA (No sheet music)
First performed on July, 1983.
“Hiro Fujikake Solo Orchestra”


Commissioned by Reiko Matsuoka Ballet. Among several music, Romantic World has been recorded in the CD of The Enchanted Forest  with Sir. James galway.

Sketch for the construction of composition↓




Ah! Nomugi-Toge (814) 
 First performed in1988.
“Hiro Fujikake Solo Orchestra”


First Performed by Reiko Matsuoka Ballet.

The story of the silk industry and the young girls who worked as silk spinners in the early 1900s. This was Japanese nonfiction story made into a film directed by Satsuo Yamamoto, in1979, Ms. Reiko Matsuoka commissioned this work. It’s been performed many times and well receded in overseas as well. 

Check the stage video↓
Ah! Nomugi-Toge #1 ▶︎
Ah! Nomugi-Toge #2 ▶︎
Ah! Nomugi-Toge #3 ▶︎
Ah! Nomugi- Toge#4 ▶︎

Ah! Nomugi-Toge #5    ▶︎
Ah! Nomugi-Toge #6 ▶︎


First performed in1993. Script & Direction by Naotaro Matsuoka, Dramatization by Mikio Komatsu
“Hiro Fujikake Solo Orchestra”

Bunna image1


The story is based on a book ” BUN-NA! Come down from the tree” written by Tsutomu Mizukami. BUN-NA is a frog boy who is living in a pond with his friends, the story is about an adventure of BUN-NA. This has been performed many times including coproduction with China. 



A tale of little world (375)
First performed on February 1995. Script & Direction by Naotaro Matsuoka, Duration: approx. 1 hour 30 min. Act 2. 
It’s been performed many times.
“Hiro Fujikake Solo Orchestra”

A tale of little world image

The story is based on Souvenirs entomologiques, “The insects stories of J.Henri Fabre.” This is a musical which tells us the importance of fate through the  survival of the fittest in the world of insects. One of popular music for mandolin orchestra, “Star Concerto” was born from a song ” Dreamland” in this musical.


(collaboration with China)

The Vanished Sun  (371)

First performed on 29, March,1997. Script & Direction by Naotaro Matsuoka, Act three. 
Re-performed on 29, November, 2008 as the 30th anniversary of Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty.
Duration: approx. 2 hours.
“Hiro Fujikake Solo Orchestra”


It took almost three years to realize this opera, collaborating with China. The story is about the confliction between Eastern and Western countries, and as a punishment of the constant conflict, the sun is vanished. Since we have different recognition of the history, we needed time to discuss very carefully and were required negotiation with Chinese government. At the actual performance, all performers as well as people at the backstage worked in perfect harmony, with co-operated each other and it was well received by both Japanese and Chinese audience.




Under the Blue Sky /Calling from Ground (373)

First Performed on 3rd, November, 1997. Script & Direction by Naotaro Matsuoka, Original: Norihisa Akaza, Duration: 2 hours, Act Two
Performed on 3rd and 23rd, November, 1999.  
“Hiro Fujikake Solo Orchestra”

KAKAMINO news paper

The story is based on two books written by Norihisa Akaza, a scholar of children’s literature. People lived strong in a difficult period with being swayed by the authority and wars. This is all about love through its death and their life. The powerful chorus is one of a great  feather of this opera. 

Wind! Tell him please… ▶︎
Calling from ground(An Opera)Finale ▶︎



A song of paper-making (368)

First performed on 22, October,1999. Script & Direction by Naotaro Matsuoka, Duration: 2 hours 30 min. Act Three 
More than 100 staff and casts with large scale setting.
It’s been performing many times.
“Hiro Fujikake Solo Orchestra”

A song of paper-making image1

A song of paper-making image2

Executive Commitee of “A song of paperーmaking"▶︎

The story is based on a traditional industry of paper making which runs more than 1300 years in Gifu- prefecture, Japan. The paper making used to be only women’s work. The main character in this opera is an orphan who became an adopted daughter of the head house of the paper making factory. She is supposed by many people to survive under hard circumstances. She finally chooses to dedicated herself to work for the lest of her life in the factory to make the most beautiful thin paper of Tengujyo, while hiding her love to one of servants.


Opera Omnibus Style”
A bean
First performed on 13, December, 2003. Script & Direction by Naotaro Matsuoka, Act two 
Performed in Florence, Italy on 29, October 2013.
“Hiro Fujikake Solo Orchestra”
A bean1 A bean2

A bean3

The whole performance is consisted with 2 acts with 3 stories each. It can be performed all in one time, also it can be selected with several stories as you like. These stories are based on Japanese old tales.

Act one

Act-1 Story-1 – Amanojyaku(A Contrary Goblin) ▶︎ (362) 14min.

This is comical like opera based on a folk story from a temple in Gifu prefecture, Japan. The old tale of a country goblin. Conversation between children from a village and a goblin is unique and pleasant.

Act-1 Story-2- Sarumaru and his mother (363) 18min.

The story is about a legend of a sacred mountain called Takagayama. Beautiful melody with famous poems from Hyakunin-Isshu which  is the traditional Japanese collection of one hundred poems by one hundred poets. 

Act-1 Story-3 A nameless tree ▶︎ (364)18min.

The story is about a legend of  an old tree designated as a cultural property. A head of the village sacrifices himself to save people from an unreasonable local governor. Before the night of execution, he entrusts the villagers to look after his wife and a kid after his death. It is a morning story.

Act Two

Act-2 Story-1 – Fox’s marriage ▶︎ (365)19min.

The one night dream story of a man, based on Japanese old folk tale. A parade of bride passes by the man and they serve him drinks. He gets drunk with good mood, and he doesn’t know if he got tricked by a fox or raccoon dog. These animals are believed to be taken the shape of human and try to deceive people in Japan.

Act-2 Story-2 – A bean jizo(366)24min.

This is a story of a legend ” A bean Jizo” in Hozen temple. Jizo is the most popular Buddha in Japan, we can see on the roadside as well as temple. The bean by the Jizo saves a life of a unhappy girl. This bean brings mysterious fate one after another in this story. 

Epilogue – Finale ▶︎ (367)10min.

9-solists, more then 120 people chorus for the finale.



A Dream in Moonlight  (365-B)
First performed on 21, December, Script & Direction by Naotaro Matsuoka, Duration:40 min.
“Hiro Fujikake Solo Orchestra”
Dream1 This is a story of a sequel to “Fox’s wedding, act 2” from “Opera; A bean”.
The one night dream story, based on Japanese old folk tale.