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Title / Description  Audio Sample / Youtube
Jongara-syo for 2 Marimbas (571)
6 min. 1Mb.+2Mb.This music is inspired by rhythm of a Japanese traditional musical instrument of Tsugaru-shamisen. Hiro found a lot in common with percussions and made it rewrite for marimbas. The great feature of this music is taking improvisation aspect of jazz music and made it into completely original. The powerful sounds makes this music dramatic with cherishing traditions.


Jongara-syo for Marimba with Piano   (572)
6 min. Mb.+Piano

Jongara for 5 Marimba (577)

15min.  1Perc.2Perc. 3Perc.4Perc.5Perc.

The length of the music can be shorten.

Aqua Rhythm for Marimba Quartet (573)
15min.  1Mb.2Mb. 3Mb.4Mb.This music is inspired by various kinds of sounds from water stream, such as spring water, a mountain stream, murmuring, waterfall, river, and so on. These sounds always create different rhythms that amuse people. There are many expressions on water in Japan ,and Hiro likes a phrase that  “The flowing river never stops and yet the water never stays the same.”. The sounds of water reminds the greatness of the nature as well as our own existence. This music is based on his imagination over the various forms of water. This was originally composed for string ensemble with a pipe organ.
Riverside Serenade for Marimba Quartet (574)

5min.  1Mb.2Mb. 3Mb.4Mb.

When Hiro was walking along the river side the melody for this music came up, this is how it’s named.

Creation for 5 Percussion players (575)
15min.  1Perc.2Perc. 3Perc.4Perc. 5Perc.This music encourages players’ initiative. (28pages of handwriting sheet music, not including parts). It was first performed by percussionists from Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, commissioned by the Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd..Check a part of sheet music▶︎
Rock’n March for Marimba Quartet (576)

4min.  1Mb.2Mb. 3Mb.4Mb.

Originally, this was the assigned piece for the All Japan Band Competition in 1991 and rewrote for marimba quartet.