Solo Orchestra ImageThe first Solo Orchestra was performed in 1979, and broadcasted by NHK(Japanese national television) , also captured by Newspapers. During the performance “Galactic Symphony(804)”  was gained high reputation among  various pieces, later the music was released worldwide from Belgium.  Solo orchestra was called “One -man Orchestra” at the time.  My dear friend, Jill Bain who lived in London named this performance, “Solo Orchestra”  that only one person is able to play 100-member-orchestra with using computer to control more than 1000 different timbre and create magnificent sounds for symphonies, operas as well as various kinds of music. This is not only for recording purpose but also performing “Solo Orchestra” concerts attract good reviews. It is very unfortunate that there is a possibility that any work can be ruined depending on its performance, Hiro’s work was not exception, he had very regrettable experiences and that determined him to create ideal sounds that satisfies himself. A lot of past composers are often reassessed after many years from their death, we ‘ll never know how they were devastated by bad reputation at the period. The idea of “Solo Orchestra” is based on the composer’s thoughts that he eager to bring ideal presentation to the audience directly!




Sample Audio of Galactic Symphony


Solo Orchestra Works for TV
NHK Special, Documentary programs (My Home Land), TV Dramas, FM Dramas, CM(CM received the highest award)etc, Documentary Movies, Radios


Other Remarkable Works of Solo Orchestra 


TV / Concert
The 1st S
ynthesizer Orchestra Concert  at Chuden Hall in Nagoya (6,Dec.,1979)
Played 10 synthesizers by himself. (No MTR, Live music) 

Broadcasted by NHK as a title of ” One man Orchestra” (12,Dec.,1979)


Solo Orchestra concert at NIPPON SEINEN-KAN HALL in Tokyo.
Using 16 speakers of BOSE-802, 4 channel audio system (provided by BOSE)


Solo Album of “GalacticSymphony” was released from Pavanne Records in Belgium.

Galactic Symphony



“BUN-NA” was first performed by Reiko Matsuoka Ballet. 


Solo Orchestra concert at
Automobil Museum in Brussel Belgium.
Broadcasted by Belgium National Broadcasting (Now RTBF)


Composed / Concert
Released “
The Spirit of Nature” with Solo Orchestra and chorus of 229 members at “Future Expo. 

Newspaper (in Japanese)▶︎

A music titled “Flying” was composed for the presentation of big screen at the main pavilion.


Ah! Nomugi-Toge” was first performed by Reiko Matsuoka Ballet. The ballet was also performed in Russia and U.S.A.


Audio Produce 
As a general directer of  “World Design Expo.” , composed, performed  and produced many of music in the venue .
“Angel Chorus” was composed for the main entrance with 16 channels.

Design Expo

Composed / Concert
Composed and performed the opening music of  “World Design EXpo.” . As a panelist, gave a lecture and performed at the same time.

Nespaper (in Japanese)▶︎

Outdoor Concert

Performed in front of the “Usuzumi cherry blossoms” which lives more than 1,500 years and designated as a national  natural treasure with George Kawaguchi, who was one of Japanese famous drummers. Attracted more that 1,000 audience. (14, April)


1st Album of “The Enchanted Forest” with Sir James Galway was released worldwide.
The album was ranked in Billboard Top 10 more than 5 months in a row, in classical crossover category and a million seller in U.S.A. 

The Enchanted Forest CD ImageRecording


“Hiroshima Spirit”, lyrics by Tomin Harada, music by Hiro was released on 6th, August at Hiroshima Sea and Island Expo. The music was performed by solo orchestra with a pan flute and mixed chorus. It was composed to wish for world peace. Hiro donated all fees to Hiroshima city for the preservation of the atomic bomb dome.

It’s been sang at every Memorial Day in Hiroshima and when the chorus group of Hiroshima have stage at overseas. YOUTUBE


“BUN-NA” Composed and performed. The musical was also performed in China.


The second album with Sir James Galway “
Lark in the clear Air” Recorded in Sydney and New York. Worldwide Release.

Lark in the clear Air CD


“Hiroshima Spirit(401)” was rewritten for symphony orchestra and performed by Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra and Hiroshima Chorus Union at 50th Atomic Bomb Memorial Day. It was also performed in 2007. 

“DOKI(potsherd)(400)” was performed with 8 soloists, 200-member chorus, 2 percussionists, a piano and solo orchestra. 

Newpaper (in Japanese) ▶︎

A tale of little world(375)” first performed and composed.
1997 Opera joint project with China and Japan
The Vanished Sun (371)was composed and first performed. It took almost three years to realize.



“Sky of Kakamino(373)” was was composed and first performed. Next year it was rewritten for a chorus suite called “Calling from ground”.
Newspaper (in Japanese)▶︎  

1999  Outdoor Concert

Performed with Daihachi Oguchi who is a Japanese Taiko(dram) player at 13th Anniversary for the Restoration of National Treasure, Taiko-man(gate) at Matsumoto castle.(31,July)  Hiro collaborated with Daihachi Oguchi many times at several occasions.    

A song of paper-makingwas composed and first performed.


Hiro Fujikake Solo Orchestra “
Wings to Eternity”  YOUTUBE


“A Bean” was composed and first performed.


Symphony YOUTUBE
“IZUMO(301)“, was composed and first performed. This piece was one of Hiro’s masterpiece.


Art Performance of twelve-layered ceremonial kimono and recitation.


“A Dream in Moonlight (365-B)” was composed.