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Piano Sonata(451)

1st Movement
2nd Movement
3rd MovementThis work was composed when Hiro was 19 years old, at the time he was studying “12-tone technique”. The sounds are carefully selected with following his sensitivity.

Piano Collection1
1. Pastoral
2. Waves and a shell波と貝殻
3. Moon Light
4. African Dance
Piano Collection 2
“Love from IZUMO”
1. Love from IZUMO
2. A Scar of Dream
3. Sea Palace Fantasy
4. Tokuyama Lullaby
5. Wind! Please tell him….
6. Heart on Heart
Piano Collection 3
  1. Romance I
  2. Romance II
  3. Whispering Stars
  4. Water color Landscape
Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.2
for Beginners
(481)The original of this work is very difficult for beginners. But this arrangemant is very easy for beginners.You can enjoy to play this masterpiece by easy technique with gorgeous orchestra sound.Let’s play like a concert pianist!(Duration : 4 min.)