Symphony JAPAN (302)

First performance at 40th Anniversary⬇︎

At 50th Anniversary↓

First performed on 20th June, 1993
Commissioned by Gifu Symphony Orchestra for the 40th Anniversary.
Conducted by Hiro Fujikake at Gifu Civic Auditorium
Performed by Gifu Symphony Orchestra and Gifu Yanagase Taiko(Japanese drums)

Performed on 23rd November, 2003 for the 50th Anniversary
Conducted by Kazuhiko Komatsu at Suntory Hall
Performed by Gifu Symphony Orchestra

This music was initially inspired by Hiro’s homeland, Gifu, which is surrounded by beautiful greenery, mountains, and rivers. Then his imagination moved on to the history and great heritage of Japan.

Although it respects classical structure, it is written to be a totally new style of symphony, incorporating traditional Japanese drums in the 4th movement. The 1st movement starts with a dramatic and mighty introduction. The beautiful horn melody introduces a new theme in the second movement, and it plays an important role throughout the rest of the music. Hiro wishes for this music to convey the beautiful spirit of Japan to people all over the world. Therefore, it is titled “JAPAN.” Use your imagination to feel the Japanese spirit!

(manuscript: 144pages / Duration: approx.30min.)

1st Movement : Maestoso–Allegro con brio
2nd Movement :Andante con espressione
3rd Movement : Allegro Scherzando
4th Movement : Andante–Allegro con anima
( Duration : 30minutes )