Four Seasons in Japan : Holliger(Ob)I Musici Arranged by Hiro Fujikake

Definitive edition of Japanese melody!

All arrangements for the Japanese melodies was done by Hiro Fujikake.
Arrangement by Hiro Fujikake is interesting with using technique of both classical music as well as traditional Japanese music. The work reached a high degree of perfection and they are more of the original string orchestra suites than just arrangements. Initially, the CD was released from Philips in Amsterdam, Netherlands and later from Universal Music.

CD The Four Seasons In Japan

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Hiro Fujikake at the recording of CD with the orchestra of I. Musici in Switzerland in July, 1985.
The pictures as follows;


Music including;

1. Early Spring Song (Akira Nakada)
2. The Rain On Jogashima (Tei Yanada)
3. Spring Sea (Michio Miyagi)

4. Solitude In The Night (Tadasuke Ohno)
5. The Road (Kohsaku Yamada)
6. Song Of The Sea Shore (Tamezo Narita)

7. The Moon On The Ruined Castle (Rentaro Taki)
8. A Coconut From Southern Island (Toraji Ohnaka)
9. Red Dragonfly (Kohsaku Yamada)

10. Song Of Pack-Horse Man In Komoro Of Nagano (Japanese Folk Song)
11. I Am Rebuked (Ryutaro Hirota)
12. Snowy Town  (Yoshinao Nakata)

Heinz Holliger(Oboe: 2,3,7,8, Oboe d’amore: 4, Cor anglais: 11, Oboe & Oboe d’amore: 12)
I Musici

Date of recording: July 1985
Location: Switzerland
Recording Method: Stereo (Digital/Session)

Work Description-Orchestra

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